The main purpose of this independent website is to fill gaps in information of strategic salience to the FLEGT Action Plan, with a view to enhancing that Plan's design and management, and consequently increase its considerable potential - and accelerate the achievement of that potential.  It also seeks to address misinformation, for example concerning FLEGT Licensing.

The data which this website provides contrasts with that published by the EC's FLEGT Support Unit, the Independent Market Monitor which the EC has established through the ITTO, and others.  The website endeavours to avoid the use of misleading or confused terminology.  Its statistical data is necessarily indicative, not precise.

This website provides charts (and supporting tables) concerning trade in wood-based products - and some related commentary.

One set of charts illustrates EU member states' monthly imports of particular forms of wood-based product from selected VPA and other countries, and contrast these with those imported by China.

Another set provides charts and tables which summarise each EU member state's imports and exports of wood-based products, and similar charts and tables for the exports and/or imports of several non-EU countries.

This website also provides statistical information from which the user can directly make first iteration estimates concerning trade in specific "illegal" wood-based products - including for the imports of each EU member state and the imports and the exports of several non-EU countries of those products.